Cancellation & Refund Policy
Fiji dive vacations
MadMermaids Scuba Vacations do not have a "We will keep your money if you can't come" policy. If you book a Fiji dive vacation and then cancel we don't get any money but we figure that you most probably have good reasons for not coming. However, if we book a resort, flight, ferry, diving package etc. you will be bound by the booking and cancellation policies of our partners. These policies vary so we
outline everything; total cost, deposit required, cancellations and refunds... the whole deal at the consultation stage prior to booking.

Tonga Whaleswim vacations
As the whaleswim tours need at least 8 people to make a trip work and because we chater a boat that has the necessary whale watch/swim permits in advance, we require 20% deposit to hold your place. If a tour is cancelled by you and we are unable to fill your place the deposit is not refundable. If a tour is cancelled by MadMermaids Scuba Ltd. we will fully refund any monies paid to us but we will not compensate any other costs that you might have made to other parties, for example but not limited to International and Domestic flights.

MadMermaids Dive Wear
If our T-shirts fall below your expectations we will refund the full purchase price on any T-shirt returned to us promptly. Providing the T-shirt is unworn and unwashed.

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