Liberty to Scream Stop Global Warming T-shirt design
A Scuba Diving Inconvenient Truth;
Our coral reefs are dying and the most deadly cause of the recent, rapid and unprecedented deterioration of coral reefs is higher ocean temperatures due to Global Warming. Coral bleaching turns a beautiful, healthy, multi-coloured coral reef into grey skeletons. The link between global warming and large scale coral bleaching was considered controversial only 10 to 15 years ago, it is now universally accepted. The link between global warming; our melting ice caps, rising sea levels, the growing amount of natural disasters, hurricanes, droughts, heat waves is fact... These Inconvenient Truths cannot be ignored anymore we have a small window to save this fragile Earth we live in. Or you could just join the "natural Earth cycle" or the "Sunspot/ Solar Radiation" camps and do noting, enjoy your life in the knowledge your grandchildrens life will be much more difficult. Personally I choose not to be appothetic and I like to remember the quote that there are no passengers on spaceship earth - we are all crew.

Please use the link at the top of this page to the climate crisis website, watch the film trailers on this page for "An Inconvenient Truth" and Leonardo Di Caprio's film "The 11th Hour" then watch the films. Change your light bulbs and walk more, join an environmental group and wear a MadMermaids Scuba Stop Global Warming T-shirt to help spread awareness and to show that you, like us, give a Damn.
- MadMermaids Scuba Ltd.
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"Inconvenient truths do not go away just because they are not seen. Indeed when they are not responded to, their significance doesn’t diminish; it grows.” AL GORE
Liberty to Scream is the name of our new Stop Global Warming T-shirt design which is available from our online shop.... Don't you want to scream every day when you see the Alarm bells on the TV news?
You are at Liberty to Scream, "Stop Global Warming" In fact you are morally obliged to do so!

So why is MadMermaids Scuba so Mad?

Miners used to take canary birds down into the mines as the birds delicate lungs would warn against danger. As scuba divers we love to look at healthy living coral reef up close, but alarm bells ring loudly underwater and coral reefs are like the canaries of the sea dying as their environment is changed by human impact. We must listen to the alarm bells the world is giving us and take action to Stop Global Warming before it is too late.
Regardless of whether you read the following page or not please watch the video and visit: ... You owe it to your children.