Stop Killing Whales is our design to spread the Anti Whaling message we need your help now to display it.
We need you to spread the protest against whaling message, Stop Killing Whales. The above design looks great on the T-shirt, which is available from our online shop. Imagine it all around the world; Banner size on web sites, A4 size in shop and cafe windows, and Extra large on billboards and buildings.  We need your space and in return we will loan our design to anybody with a space, physical or virtual, use the bumper sticker application on Facebook to stick it on your profile. By displaying the design you will be actively promoting Anti Whaling awareness and the Stop Killing Whales, protest against whaling message.
- MadMermaids Scuba Ltd.
For displaying image up to A4 size all you have to do is copy the image above (right click) and print it out!
For best results use photo paper and laminate the picture. Please send an E-mail: to tell us about your display and attach a photo if possible.

If you have the space for a banner we sell a 6 foot X 3 foot banner with the Stop Killing Whales design for just $80 including post. If you have a billboard contact us and we will send you the right size artwork  Free of Charge. Please note we give permission to use the Stop Killing Whales design for the above non commercial use only.

To add the bumper sticker to your profile page on Facebook click here.

To display our Anti Whaling web banner please use the following code;
stop killing whales t-shirt design

<a href="" TARGET="_blank">
<IMG BORDER="0" SRC="" alt="Stop Killing Whales T-shirt Design"></a>

Well done Heather and Greg for displaying the Stop Killing Whales message on your Sydney home. Heather and Greg after years of signing petitions and being members of conservation groups decided to get more pro active with the help of MadMermaids.

Have you got a space 4 Whales on your house?
Check out MadMermaids on Facebook you can join our Fan Club, write stuff about us and meet other like minded people.