MadMermaids Responsible Travel Tree Planting Initiative
With MadMermaids Scuba Vacations the only footprints you leave are in the sand. When you consider a trip to dive in Fiji or snorkel with whales in Tonga, please consider the very effect you are having on the planet just by leaving home and flying several thousand miles. It's hard to ignore the environmental damage that we are inflicting on our planet at an alarming rate, examples of Global Warming are in the news almost daily. If you have not seen Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth yet then please promise yourself to watch it. Click here to view the trailer.

MadMermaids Scuba Ltd. practice sustainable and responsible eco tourism; we promote conservation, we don't cut down trees to produce a brochure and as responsible travel providers, we plant trees to help balance the effect of your travel on the planet giving your holiday some good Karma.

We all know that carbon emissions are causing Global Warming - carbon emissions like the ones made by the aircraft flying you to paradise. So in an effort to make MadMermaids holidays carbon neutral we thought about getting our customers to plant trees at their holiday destinations!
Then I found a non profit called "Trees for the Future" who have tree planting schemes around the Globe. Please watch the video about a man who plants trees... Like the book it is Truly Inspirational.
(Hint; press play then pause, come back in 5 minutes and watch the video uninterupted by breaks).
The Man Who Planted Trees
The Man Who Planted Trees is a story by Jean Giono about one man's generosity to nature and through nature, to other humans. The Man Who Planted Trees is a timeless eco-fable about what one person can do to restore the Earth. The hero of the story, Elzéard Bouffier, spent his life planting acorns in a desolate, barren section of Provence in the South of France. The result was a total transformation of the landscape; from one devoid of life, with miserable, contentious inhabitants, to one filled with the scent of flowers, the songs of birds, and fresh, flowing water.

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