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Fiji Dive Holidays
Anti Finning Dive Wear
Protest against Shark Finning by wearing our Fin Soup Dive T-shirts join us in asking for a ban on Fin Soup with these two designs.

Tiananmen Square Massacre June 4th 1989. Lest we Forget.
Anti Whaling Dive Wear
Have your say and protest against Japan Killing Whales. Commercial Whaling must not be allowed to return. Wear this Anti Whaling Dive T-shirt and help Save the Whales.

Please note:
MadMermaids Scuba is not racist or anti Japanese. We are sure that most Japanese divers are also opposed to Whaling!
- MadMermaids Scuba Ltd.
“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.”
MadMermaids Scuba is a dive wear brand, not an environmental group, but we are a dive wear brand that gives a damn! We live on this spaceship Earth and it's heating up! So we will have our say about the things that make us mad; Global Warming, Shark Finning, Killing Whales, Water Pollution...
We believe that our dive T-shirts are a great way of getting the messages out there. It is also a great way for you to stand up, stand out and have your say when you wear MadMermaid Scuba Dive Wear.
"Wear MadMermaids Scuba Dive Wear with Pride".
stop killing whales, stop whaling stop killing whales, stop japan whaling, save whale
Water Pollution T-shirt
Get yourself some good Karma and wear the Karma Water Pollution T-shirt to spread water pollution awareness. The words, "You Dump it, You Drink it" is not only aimed at the big polluters but reminds us all that water pollution like global warming is something that we all need to address in our own lifestyle choices.
stop shark finning, ban fin soup water pollution T-shirt design Karma Liberty to Scream STOP GLOBAL WARMING T-shirt design
Liberty to Scream Dive T-shirt
You are at Liberty to Scream, in fact you are morally obliged to do so!

Liberty to Scream is our Stop Global Warming T-shirt design... Don't you want to scream "Stop Global Warming" every day when you see the Alarm bells on the TV news?
MadMermaids Scuba Dive Wear
Dive Wear Designs by MadMermaids Scuba.
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