Please give 5 minutes of your time to help save the whales. Please help maintain the whaling moratorium (ban) by sending an E-mail to nations who support Japan at the International Whaling Commission many of the small nations on the list have accepted payment from Japan in return for their votes.
Please note that this is NOT a chain mail FW it on campaign. Those annoying E-mails can carry virus and trojans. This campaign requires a little more effort on your part (cut and paste) and because of this will hopefully succeed in lobbying effectively.

All you have to do is copy the message below (highlight > right click > copy).
Open your E-mail program and in a new message paste (right click > paste).
Don't forget to change "(your name)" to your name!
Select some E-mail addresses (highlight > right click > copy) and paste them into the "To" field.
Add a subject like "Please read" or "Dear Commissioner" or "Please Stop Killing Whales".
Click Send and you are done.

To make this campaign much more effective copy all the text; these instructions, the E-mail addresses and the message (highlight > right click > copy). Then paste it all into a new message and send it to all of your friends urging them to do the same as you to help save the whales. Post it on Myspace etc. Plant the seeds and let them grow!

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Copy and paste the message or write your own; make some changes so that spam filters can not be used to filter the E-mails try "I am a french girl writing to ask you", "I am from Germany and I write to ask..." etc.

Dear Sir
It is my opinion that the moratorium on commercial whaling must be maintained and the scientific whaling loophole that is exploited mainly by Japan should be closed. Commercial whaling brings no conservation benefits to whales or the oceans whatsoever and while
the IWC is distracted by an increasingly polarized debate over commercial whaling, some whale populations are slipping towards extinction.

Only the moratorium has brought relief from serial management failures which occurred because advocates of whaling controlled the IWC and managed whaling for the short term good of the industry, not the long term good of the whales or our oceans. The 21st century must demonstrate humankind's ability to learn from our mistakes and turn the tide from overexploitation, to conservation and protection. Already, there is broad recognition that the 21st century definition of 'sustainable use' when it comes to whales, means whale watching, not commercial hunting. Indeed r
esponsible tourists would be more likely to consider your county when deciding where to go on vacation if you voted against the return of whaling.

It has been widely alleged that some nations voting at the International Whaling Commission have been influenced by Japan
and that aid from Japan is conditional on your voting with Japan for the return of commercial whaling. I would ask you to reconsider your position regarding Commercial Whaling and the scientific whaling loophole.  It is my concern that if commercial whaling were allowed to return the same total disregard for sustainability would return and once more whales would be hunted to the breach of extinction. Whales are highly sentient, evolved beings that should be protected. Japan has a track record of cruelty and disregard for Whale Conservation please do not vote with Japan at the IWC. Be proud that you are not a puppet of Japan and please stop killing whales with your vote.

Yours faithfully
(your name)
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Please give 5 minutes of your time to help save the Whales, in this cyber activist "STOP KILLING WHALES" campaign. Please help prevent Japan winning the vote to bring back Commercial Whaling. Click image to vote for this campaign and leave comment at the Greenpeace web site.

- MadMermaids Scuba Ltd.