How to become a MadMermaid...
Help Save Our Underwater Environment.

1. Enjoy diving.
Enjoy diving, look at stuff, learn about what you see... Then fight for it's protection

2. Dive carefully to protect fragile aquatic ecosystems.

Many aquatic organisms are delicate and can be harmed by the bump of a camera, the swipe of a fin or even the gentle touch of a hand. Some aquatic organisms like corals grow very slowly and breaking even a small piece can destroy decades of growth. By being careful you can prevent damage to dive sites. Keep your gauges and alternate air source secured so they don’t drag over the reef or other vital habitat. Control your buoyancy, taking care not to touch fragile organisms with your body or equipment. You can do your part and prevent injury to aquatic life every time you dive. Keep your dive skills sharp through continuing education. So before diving in a sensitive environment, such as coral reef, either increase your skills or refresh your skills with a certified professional in a pool or other environment that won’t be damaged. A PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course is ideal.

3. Consider how your interactions affect aquatic life.

Do not touch, feed or ride aquatic life. Don't poke or prevoke. Resist making the puffer fish puff and if you see somebody stroking the sea cucumber... tell them to put it away. Else you will stress, interrupt feeding and mating behavior, cool stuff to see might become aggressive if you are a jerk. Understand and respect underwater life, playing with animals or using them as food for other species can leave a trail of destruction, disrupt local ecosystems and rob other divers of their experiences with these creatures. Consider enrolling in a PADI Underwater Naturalist, or Coral Reef Conservation Specialty course to better understand sustainable interactions.

4. Be an ecotourist.

Make informed decisions when selecting a destination and choose Environmental Operators or other facilities dedicated to sustainable business practices. Obey all local laws and regulations and understand your effect on the environment. Don’t collect souvenirs like corals or shells. Instead, take underwater photos you have all seen the bumper sticker... Take only photos, leave only bubbles. Never eat Shark Fin Soup and do not endure a person eating Fin Soup in your company. Speak out against Shark Finning and Whaling at every opportunity.

5. Respect underwater cultural heritage.

Divers are privileged to access dive sites that are part of our cultural heritage and maritime history. Wrecks can also serve as important habitats for fish and other aquatic life. Help preserve these sites for future generations by obeying local laws, diving responsibly and treating wrecks with respect.

6. Report environmental disturbances or destruction.

As a diver, you’re in a unique position to monitor the health of local waters. If you notice unusual depletion of aquatic life, injury to aquatic animals or substances in the water that should not be there, report these observations to responsible authorities in your area.

7. Be a role model for other divers and nondivers when interacting with the environment.

As a diver, you see the underwater results of carelessness and neglect. Set a good example in your own interactions so that others can learn from you.

8. Get involved in environmental activities and issues.

You can greatly affect your corner of the planet, indeed the world. There are plenty of opportunities to support healthy aquatic environments including Project AWARE conservation and data collection activities like local beach and underwater cleanups and CoralWatch monitoring, supporting environmental legislative issues, attending public hearings on local water resources, conserving water or making responsible seafood choices. Protest against whaling and Shark Finning, wear MadMermaids dive wear and Join Greenpeace.

9. Remember this Quote and adopt it...
"There are no passengers on spaceship Earth we are all crew".
Join the MadMermaids Scuba dive crew and show that you give a damn about our world, stand up with us and say NO to Global Warming, Shark Finning, Whaling and Water Pollution... When stuff makes you Mad say NO. MadMermaids is more than a brand... it is a state of mind, a way of life, stand with us and fight for your world... join us and become a MadMermaid Scuba Diver.
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