Whale Encounter Holiday Example

4 days of whale watching and snorkelling with Humpback Whales.

3 days diving (6 dives)

8 nights accommodation in Neiafu.

All Meals
(excludes alcoholic drinks)

Light refreshments and bottled water on board our whale watching charter.

Free MadMermaids Scuba
Anti-Whaling T-shirt!

Rough Price Guide: US$ 2,000
per person
10 person group

(price based on 2 people sharing bedroom, excludes flights)

More options and custom tours available on request for groups

Optional Extras;

More Scuba Diving

Whale Encounter captured on DVD
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Whale Watching, Swimming with Humpback Whales,  Scuba Diving with a Guide from MadMermaids Scuba.

Whale watching, snorkeling with whales and diving, does that sound too good to be true for one holiday? MadMermaids Scuba Ltd. is proud to offer expeditions that provide the unique opportunity to swim and snorkel with Humpback Whales in Tonga. Swimming and snorkeling ability is required to enter the water with the whales but Scuba diving is not required to enjoy the whales. How ever we are able to offer scuba divers the chance to get some “down time” diving the pristine coral reefs of Vava'u.

Tonga is one of the few places in the world where it is possible to swim with whales and Vava'u in the Kingdom of Tonga is the ideal location for whale watching, both above and below the water's surface. The Humpback Whales come to the large protected water ways of Vava’u each year seasonally between June and October. During this time of year the water is remarkably clear so it is optimal conditions to whale watch and swim with whales who are busy nurturing and teaching their young.

A MadMermaids Scuba tour guide will look after you above and below the water. We organise your accommodation and all of your meals, even light refreshments while on our charter boat. We have experienced whale swim guides and any scuba diving is supervised by a PADI Scuba Instructor. We recommend that you bring your own 3mm wetsuit and your own snorkeling gear although we can provide these if required. Group size minimum 8 persons maximum 12 persons. Check out the Gallery for Humpback whale and whale swim images.

Adult Humpback Whales grow to a length of 45 feet and a weight of over 50 tons, they are one of the largest animals you could ever witness first hand, either above or below water. The humpback whale is the whale most often photographed breaching. A male humpback whale song may be as long as half an hour and we can hear this song in the water while snorkeling with the whales, the song changes from year to year. Humpbacks are exquisitely graceful in the water despite their immense size, they are highly intelligent and attentive of people swimming and snorkeling with them. Humans are often regarded by whales with inquisitive curiosity, especially by the young humpback whales. Swimming with whales is often a life changing experience and people who encounter humpback whales up close often become passionate about whale conservation. Which is good because estimates are that there are only 10,000 humpback whales left worldwide.
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