Whale meat is full of dangerous metals that break down the human central nervous system over several years. Mercury, Methyl Mercury, Cadmium, DDT & PCB’s are some of these. Japan is so stupid it is poisoning its own children by introducing whale meat onto school lunch menus.
Whales can't be farmed like Cow, Pig, Chicken... Whales give birth to a single calf and nursing time is more than a year in many species which creates a strong bond between mother and young. In most whales, reproductive maturity occurs late, typically at seven to ten years of age. Cattle, Sheep and Pigs mature much quicker and breed far more often which enables humans to farm them without wiping them out.
The Japanese have only one argument to support their position that whales are not intelligent creatures. They look at the brain-body ratio (i.e., the size of the brain compared to body mass). This is the only area where humans score better. The human brain comprises about 2% of the human body mass, whereas the sperm whale's brain comprises only 0.02% of its body mass. However, a very large proportion of a whale's body mass is blubber, which requires no brain power, and this distorts the ratio somewhat. Nevertheless, it is clear that brain size to body ratio is not a decisive criterion. Hummingbirds have an even higher brain-to-body ratio than humans. Dinosaurs were almost as big as whales with brains the size of walnuts.
It is brain size that makes the difference, and the sperm whale brain is the largest brain to have ever evolved on the planet. It is about 9,000 cubic centimeters and weighs 7.8 kilos or 17 lbs 3 oz. The orca brain is about 5 kilos. By comparison the human brain is 1300 grams and is about 1300 cubic centimeters. All mammals from mice to men have three lobes to the brain whereas cetaceans have a fourth lobe. The convulsions on the neo-cortex area of the brain are more pronounced on cetacean brains than on humans. So overall, the brain of a sperm whale and orca are larger, and more complex than human brains. They don't have technology - and it is technology that humanity uses as the primary indicator of intelligence. We have dismissed non-manipulative intelligences from our definition. They do however live in harmony with the planet which we humans with all our intelligence do not!! Intelligence cannot be placed into categories defined by humans.
Whales are highly social beings and they have a complex form of communication with each other which can only be defined as language. We simply do not understand what those large brains have evolved for, but indeed large brains they have, and large brains suggest that there is a reason and a use for this development. Now there is new data on the intelligence of whales that adds to the whaling controversy. Scientists at the New York Consortium in Evolutionary Primatology have found spindle cells in the brains of large whales. Believed to play an important role in experiencing love and emotions, spindle cells had previously only been found in the brains of humans and the great apes. According to the study, whales have three times the spindle cells of human beings!!!
Questions and answers and blogs. Time and time again in blogs people (usually Japanese people) ask what is so special about whales and what is the difference between eating a cow or a pig or a whale. I hope that the information below helps to explain why whales should not be hunted and killed, the brain facts are credit to Seashepherd.
Turn up your speakers and watch the video that was made by a young lad called Josh Taylor, it is not Warm and Fuzzy, so be warned..
Q."If you eat Pig and Cow meat, why not Whale Meat?"
Q."Why do you say Whales are more Intelligent than Pigs?"
Q."STOP KILLING WHALES... Please explain Why?"
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Maybe that is the reason why whales have an unbelievable capacity for enriching the lives of human beings with whom they come in peaceful contact. Whales have a unique appeal to the human spirit and they are unmatched in their ability to invoke of awe and wonder. Maybe due to whales ability to Love whales appear to have a special affinity for human beings. Despite their overwhelming size and power, despite the centuries of their being victimized by human predation, whales in the wild are uniquely tolerant of the peaceful proximity of human beings. Whales often demonstrate a deliberate initiation of positive interactions. Whales have
become symbolically special. More than any other form of non-human life, whales have come to symbolize concern for the environment. At least in Western society, protection of whales has become a touchstone for caring about the interrelatedness of all life on this water planet. There is widespread support for not killing whales because they are such a special symbol of sharing the earth. This conquest of the spirit over the harpoon will hopefully help to usher in a new era of more benign relationships with other forms of life on earth as well.